Sideral Trills

Release date:
November 24, 2023
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With his first solo release since launching the Sideral project earlier this year, Sideral's Trills' EP is now available on HABITAT, the new label from Italian duo Mind Against. Launching this past June with their standout Metaflora VA compilation which included tracks from Ivory, Dyzen, Nandu, Ae: ther, and more (in addition to a collaboration between Sideral and Mind Against), HABITAT keeps the momentum going with this exciting release.First up is the delightfully melodic '2109' with it's sleek beats and cosmic chords. It's a pure and beautiful soundscape for uplifting dancing with great synth craft and plenty of future vibes. 'Trills' then gets more upbeat but is no less rich and melodic - the chords shimmer up top over the stylish beats below. They roll deep and are sure to captivate the club. Tracklisting:A. 2109 B. Trills

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