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Shiny Darkly - Bronze

Shiny Darkly


Release date: February 16, 2020
Label: Crunchy Frog
Format: LP Album
Shiny Darkly are back and they take no prisoners. From the get-go they surprise existing fans with a one-two punch of "New Country" and "Perfect" embracing two genres that are new to the band. Spoken word and desperado jazz which channel the beat era poetry delivery and an almost purely electronic repetitive offering, taking a cue from pioneers such as Suicide. The result is the hypnotic coolness of just hammering the point home. From there the Bronze LP develops in all kinds of directions. The beauty of it all is that the very distinctive feel and sound of Shiny Darkly penetrates it all and renders the whole album - surprisingly but seemingly effortlessly - coherent. "Seemingly" we say, because a lot of hard work went into the making of the album. The album was produced by the band themselves and recorded by bass player Oliver Matthew Voltz. After the release and subsequent touring on the Little Earth album the band decided to pull the plug and start over from scratch. Mads Lassen released music with his other band Motorique, Kristoffer Bech had a leading role in a Danish award-winning movie and recently got some notoriety for some photos he did for the fashion brand Balenciaga, and Oliver recorded and produced for other bands. Shiny Darkly did two stand-alone singles in 2017 exploring new sounds and textures, which helped them define a direction for the album and hone their craft in the studio. Bronze also showcases some fine guest star performances from soul singer Jada, the jazzy horn-man Anders Malta and composer, pianist and former keyboard side-man in the band, Kristian Marstal
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16 February 2020 / More records