Shedir Before The Last Light Is Blown

Release date:
July 7, 2023
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Shedir is Sardinian ambient producer Martina Betti and Before the Last Light is Blown is her 3rd full-length. The album follows her two previous collections released by French-Canadian shadow ambient imprint Cyclic Law. Betti's output has been strongly shaped by the juxtapositional nature of the island she calls home. A beautiful Mediterranean island that is also home to a petroleum refinery's and its significantly haunting presence. There is conflict in that ideal, and Betti's music has always displayed a sense of beauty, yet with ominous undertones. With Before the Last Light is Blown, Betti focused on the transience of life as a means of inspiration. It is human nature to move forward, consume, and always reach the next goal and to never give much thought to the briefness of our time here. The impermanence of life may seem like a dark topic, but to the contrary, pausing to think of such brevity could allow us to see the beauty we are missing in our endless need to fulfill and consume. Betti takes us to a dark place only to show us the beauty within, a vital constant in her output as shedir. 1. Spikes 2. The Bald-faced Sun 3. The Companionable Ills 4. Deer Fluent in the Wind (Feat. Guido Tabone) 5. The Dreaming Skull 6. This Fever 7. A Time Gone Out of Mind

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