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Shapeshifters  / Kimberly Davis -Second Chance

Shapeshifters / Kimberly Davis

Second Chance

Release date: July 17, 2020
Label: Glitterbox
Simon Marlin, aka The Shapeshifters, has spoiled disco devotees with his array of Glitterbox releases. His latest release 'Second Chance' and 2019 hit 'Life Is A Dancefloor' have seen Marlin collaborate with the unmistakable vocals of CHIC singer Kimberly Davis, and now both have been placed on a limited 7' vinyl, celebrating these two joyous tracks. With both recordings featuring cinematic strings, live horns and melodic keys, provided by some of the UK's finest session musicians, the rich instrumentation on both provides a luscious backdrop to Davis' vocal musings. With two records that have limitless dancefloor appeal, memorable lyrics and timeless charm, this 7' delivery is a record box essential for all disco-discerning DJs, from an artist at the top of his game.
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17 July 2020 / More records