Release date:
March 1, 2024
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Throughout the past 4 years since our last studio album, we’ve seen a huge shift in our careers and what honestly has felt like a powerful movement in the weather. It has felt like a “Norther” storm-front that we’ve been trying to hold on through. As a band, it took right around 10 years of heavy touring throughout the U.S. before we caught any kind of large ‘break’; and our hope is that these 13 tracks are a perfect culmination of what makes up our unique sound. The entire album was recorded over the course of about 8 months, with only 2-3 day gaps to record at a time, in between shows and travel. We hope the sound is large enough to blur genres, while staying completely genuine to the sounds that our earliest fans keep coming back for. From honest, singer-songwriter ballads, to powerful folk and Celtic-rock instrumentation; we hope there is something here that resonates with everyone. We are Shane Smith & The Saints from Austin, TX and this is our brand new album, “Norther”.

  • 1. Book of Joe
  • 2. Fire in the Sky
  • 3. Adeline
  • 4. The Greys Between
  • 5. Navajo Norther
  • 6. Field of Heather
  • 7. Wheels
  • 8. All the Way
  • 9. Hummingbird
  • 10. 1,000 Wild Horses
  • 11. It's Been a While
  • 12. Everything and More
  • 13. Fire in the Ocean

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