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Shadow Gallery - Tyranny (Green)

Shadow Gallery

Tyranny (Green) (2xLP)

Release date: December 16, 2022
Label: Magna Carta
Prog metal giants Shadow Gallery laid it all on the line with this their masterful third studio album! Conceptually centered around themes of war and money/power, the album also features some superstar guests including Dream Theater's James LaBrie, D.C. Cooper of Royal Hunt, and more! Superb musicianship and thoroughly engaging lyrics make this an essential buy for any SG fan or fan of progressive metal! First ever vinyl release!
  • 1. Stiletto in the Sand
  • 2. War for Sale
  • 3. Out of Nowhere
  • 4. Mystery
  • 5. Hope for Us
  • 6. Victims
  • 7. Broken
  • 8. I Believe
  • 9. Roads of Thunder
  • 10. Spoken Words
  • 11. New World Order
  • 12. Chased
  • 13. Ghost of a Chance
  • 14. Christmas Day
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