Seven Davis Jr. Stranger Than Fiction

Release date:
March 8, 2024
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Seven Davis Jr. Returns with a new album fresh after releasing the virtual reality infused clubby 'Iss Good' EP on Classic Music Company. This album contains a fusion of R&B Hip Hop / Trip Hop / Deep & Soulful House songs. Inspired by the 90s sound and energy with appearances from John Cale, Luke Solomon, Ivan Dorn, Life On Planets, Jon Dixon and more.Tracklisting:A1. Don't Take It Personal (4:12)A2. Come Back to Life (4:54) A3. Used to Jock (4:24)A4. Stranger Than Fiction (5:03) A5. Glow - Intermission (ft. Nina Lanes) (3:48) A6. Wanna Find Out (ft. Life On Planets) (4:34)B1. Ride Downtown (4:25)B2. My Love Is Deep (4:13) B3. There You Go Again (4:47) B4. One Day At A Time (ft. Jon Dixon) (4:48) B5. Soul Music (8:37)

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