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Serengeti - Ajai Double


Ajai Double

Release date: November 26, 2021
Label: Fake Four Inc
Due to demand by loyal followers and fans, 'Ajai,' the full-length album by Serengeti and Kenny Segal, will now be released on special limited edition double vinyl LP by Fake Four Inc. including the songs from the full-length Ajai, the Ajai Epilogue 7-inch, and the 'kdxmpc' album by Serengeti. "The absurdly detailed new album from the Chicago rapper delves into the compulsions of its titular sneakerhead character over rich production from Kenny Segal...Over the last 20 years, Serengeti has made some of the most exhilaratingly strange records in rap's underground. He's like a ventriloquist with a deep Rolodex and deeper depression, a web of grand declarations and muttered asides sprawled across dozens of albums and EPs. Ajai is one of his most sharply drawn figures yet." - Pitchfork Serengeti has been building his unique legacy in underground circles since the early 2000s. He has been a member of Sisyphus (along with Son Lux and Sufjan Stevens), Yoni & Geti (with Yoni Wolf), and has now teamed up for this full project backed by Kenny Segal's production (billy woods, R.A.P. Ferreira, Hemlock Ernst). In 2017, Fake Four Inc. released a double vinyl of Serengeti's classic 2006 album Dennehy with the never-before-heard Beautyman EP. In 2020, Fake Four released 'Ajai,' in which a new chapter was revealed in the life of Kenny Dennis (Serengeti's infamous character who appears on Dennehy). 'Ajai' was quickly followed by the 'Ajai Epilogue' limited 7-inch, both of which are now combined into this special pressing of the 'Ajai Double LP.' A01 Ajai A02 Don’t Wear That Suit Ajai A03 Company Softball A04 Summary A05 Ajai’s Stuff A06 Romantic Paris A07 Ajai End A08 Interlude SIDE B B01 Check Kenny B02 Elaine B03 Jules Trunk B04 Collab B05 Lotion Drop B06 Exhausted B07 Kenny’s Ad SIDE C C01 OdoullsxPortillosxKools C02 Ajai Epilogue C03 Collab [Alt Colorway] C04 Missing Scene C05 Ajai Epilogue [Alt Colorway] SIDE D D01 MPC Jingle D02 MPC 2 D03 Thought Process D04 Friends4eva D05 Once Upon a Time D06 Cloud 9 D07 Hal and Sophia D08 Take a Shower D09 Gyro
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26 November 2021 / More records