Seatbelts Cowboy Bebop: Songs For The Cosmic Sofa

Release date:
February 16, 2024
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Presenting " COWBOY BEBOP: Songs for the Cosmic Sofa," an auditory journey with striking designs by the acclaimed Toshiaki Uesugi, known for his work for the Cowboy Bebop franchise. This LP, curated with the guidance of Yoko Kanno, is a collection of chill-out and downtempo tracks taken from the Cowboy Bebop discography. Explore iconic songs like "Adieu "from Cowboy Bebop: Blue (featuring Emily Bindiger) and a brand-new recording of the hit "The Real Folk Blues" (Featuring Mai Yamane). Join the cultural phenomenon that is Cowboy Bebop in this outstanding vinyl format. This vinyl set features a deluxe LP Disc, pressed on 140g pink and dark blue marbled 12" vinyl. It includes an insert print with song track list, song credits, extensive liner notes and interviews with Yoko Kanno, all housed in a single pocket jacket.

  • 1. Net Rush
  • 2. Odd Ones
  • 3. The Egg and You
  • 4. Woodcock
  • 5. Twilight
  • 6. The Real Folk Blues 2022
  • 7. Pot City
  • 8. Kickin' Colt
  • 9. Bye Mel
  • 10. Adieu - Seatbelts & Emily Bindiger
  • 11. Gateway
  • 12. Beans Be
  • 13. Farewell Blues

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