Seafood Sam Standing On Giant Shoulders (Forest Green)

Release date:
April 19, 2024
Pre-order vinyl:

On his full-length drink sum wtr debut, Standing on Giant Shoulders, Sam splits the difference between Snoop Dogg and D' Angelo, Curren$y and David Ruffin. The songs reveal a forward-thinking sensibility rooted in ancestral soul. He creates spiritual hymns for the streets that tap into universal ideals and irrepressible groove. In an era plagued by short-term thinking, his ambitions reveal a crate-digging depth of music history and a meticulous ear for detail.

  • 1. Saylo
  • 2. Can't Take the Hood to Heaven
  • 3. Attack of the Dreadlocks
  • 4. Lynn's Lullaby (Interlude)
  • 5. Brownskin Cinnamon
  • 6. Grey Seas
  • 7. Cowboy Leather
  • 8. Overseas Sam
  • 9. Bullets from a Butterfly
  • 10. Pearly Gates Playlist
  • 11. Grandma Once Said
  • 12. Bygones
  • 13. Lagonda
  • 14. The Card Players
  • 15. When I Met Rose

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