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Scavenger -Battlefields



Release date: June 18, 2021
With Cutty Sark, Saints ́ Anger, Witchfynde, Wildfire and Dark Wizard, Golden Core has already successfully re-released eight classics from the iconic label Mausoleum obtaining many praising reviews. Actually, the series would have ended here, if the Belgian band SCAVENGER had not expressly requested that Golden Core also re-releases their album „Battlefields“ released in 1985, in order to make it available to fans in the same way. The new owner of the Mausoleum catalogue agreed and the project could get started. Scavenger are actively playing and recording again, but since February 2020 without any original band member. Instead, the young and very strong new line-up around singer Tine Callebaut was literally trained by the „old ones“. A first single has already caused a stir and a new album is on the way. In order to get back to the old days, Scavenger actively worked on the re-release of „Battlefields“, the only album recorded by the original lineup. So they donated the demo from 1982, which was released under the name Deep Throat and is now extremely rare and sought-after. A secondgeneration tape copy was reworked by Neudi (Golden Core Rec., Manilla Road, Trance, etc.) in the best possible way and reveals a group that was still deeply rooted in 70s hard rock even in 1982. Furthermore, as a bonus on CD, you will find various live tracks, which are, in terms of sound, really „for fans only“, but still perfectly reflect the spirit of the times. The LP version contains only the album „Battlefields“ for sound technical reasons. For both formats, the Mausoleum-Classix CD was not taken, but a new vinyl transfer was commissioned from Patrick W. Engel, which was subsequently remastered by Neudi. For the LP, Vadim Kulin (ZYX Studio) made a separate vinyl master. The booklet and LP inlay contain many rare photos, liner notes (exclusive interview with the band), memorabilia, as well as scans and an image of the original LP. In 1985, Scavenger skillfully straddled the line between pure Europeanstyle power metal and catchy but always powerful heavy metal. Actually, it is clear that the album is considered one of THE classics of Euro Metal today. This is proven not only by the fact that you can order a swimming costume online from the cover artwork of „Battlefields“.
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18 June 2021 / More records