Scaterd Few Out Of The Attic 1983-84

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June 2, 2023
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Out Of The Attic was "officially" released in cassette format in 1991 on Aguirre's own Sacrosantus label, a year after Sin Disease was released. Before that, an eleven-song tape was made available at shows, or bootlegged. Flying Tart Records picked it up for a CD release in 1994. With it's inclusion in the boxset, Out Of The Attic finally receives the sound tweaking it has been begging for. Tracks four through eleven off Out Of The Attic were on The Terry Tapes, named accordingly since Terry Taylor sat in the producer's seat. Attic is unapologetic LA punk, no special effects, no over-dubs. The audacity of believers doing punk in the early '80s is unequivocally ballsy. These were short yet authentic punk songs informing a decade and a half of starch-in-the-collar industry types what they could expect, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, for another musical revolution. Apart from the first Barnabas album, Circle One, a young U2, and some fringe UK bands, nothing came close to the fire Scaterd Few was igniting. And nothing came within a country mile of the punk vibe of these primal songs. The 2023 Retroactive Records black vinyl has been remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound and also includes 2 never-before-released tracks from The Aspects - Allan's band in Guatemala City circa 1981! Never-before-on-vinyl - and limited to just 200 units world-wide! Enjoy!

  • 1. 1983 Side - Gave Us Life ('83 Studio)
  • 2. Untitled
  • 3. Death
  • 4. Echo
  • 5. Sin Face
  • 6. P.T.T.C.P
  • 7. The End
  • 8. Anti - I'm Right
  • 9. Anti Ape
  • 10. Tid Bit
  • 11. Death
  • 12. 1984 Side - Tid Bit
  • 13. P.T.T.C.P
  • 14. Gave Us Life
  • 15. Anti Ape
  • 16. Anti - I'm Right
  • 17. Tid Bit
  • 18. Ratzak at the Beach
  • 19. (The Beach Continued)
  • 20. Solo
  • 21. Bonus Tracks (The Aspects - Allan's Band in Guatemala City Circa 1981)
  • 22. With Him
  • 23. Knock, Knock

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