Release date:
March 22, 2024
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During 2022 - 2023 band leader Tommie Eriksson built a new studio which is called T.O.N / Temple of Naamah Studios. The writing, recording and production of the new album 'Paradigm Call' was completed in Fall 2023. The album title echoes the calling in of the new paradigm of the 'Aion of Drakon', prophesied already in 2011.'Paradigm Call' is the most focused and hard hitting so far and heavier than ever.The opening track 'Drakon' is a hypnotic invocation that sets the mood perfectly for the relentless riff of 'Revel in Dissidence' that follows, taking the doom into early 90s deathlike vibrations. 'Paradigm Call' track keeps the charismatic black hole open and calls the listener deep into the centre of the other side. 'Among the Ruins' is probably the catchiest track ever in the history of the band and features Paul Delaney from Black Anvil on guest vocals. 'Black Smoke' is another one riff epic that shows that Saturnalia Temple is one of the deadliest and most riveting.

  • 1. Drakon 02:08
  • 2. Revel in Dissidence 08:55
  • 3. Paradigm Call 07:42
  • 4. Among the Ruins 05:17
  • 5. Black Smoke 07:31
  • 6. Ascending the Pale 07:01
  • 7. Empty Chalice. 05:03
  • 8. Kaivalya 05:00

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