Saisei Hyper Beroove PAnda-San Yochien Original Soundtrack

Release date:
January 26, 2024
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In the early 2000s, 'Panda-san Yochien,' a major problematic work by the likeminded circle 'Saisei Hyper Beroove' that suddenly appeared, will be reissued in physical form for the first time in analog format after a lapse of about 20 years!!!!bermei. Inazawa, who is still in charge of various anime song/game music, TOx2RO, who writes lyrics at a high level, and Wataru Ishibashi, aka 'Mirai' who worked on many game music but passed away suddenly in 2014, create a unique world view!The cute vocals of Mahiru Sonoda, Chata, and Haruka Shimotsuki ride on top of it, and once you listen to it, it will never leave your ears!This miraculous and addictive album is now available on double-LP for the first time!

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