Rush Week Past Lives

Release date:
June 26, 2020
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Purple Colour Vinyl - Numbered Limited Edition of 500 copies. Plus download. Rush Week is the work of Rachel K. Haines and producer James Benjamin Thomas and is filled with elegance, melancholy, and class. With their diverse bass-lines, high-end production, recycled influences from the eighties, touches of Latin and the clear and pristine choruses, the focus is always on the dance floor. To start things off, "Holding Back The Tears" has the melancholic tone and tropical air of "Slave To Love" by Bryan Ferry and the energy of Leona Lewis. "Best Laid Plans" has that sinuous bassline from the best of Michael Jackson, the chorus of a luminous Lorde and the white soul spirit of Tears For Fears. Elsewhere there are elements of Adele, Soft Cell style eighties-pop, even calypso, dub and cumbia; while "Faded Love" has the disco air that Daft Punk used so well, and that would not be unworthy of being included on a Madonna setlist. "Past Lives" is an exercise that mixes nostalgia with the here and now.

  • 1. Holding Back The Tears
  • 2. Best Laid Plans
  • 3. No Tag Backs
  • 4. Diva
  • 5. Higher
  • 6. Thirsty
  • 7. Solo
  • 8. Sugar Daddy
  • 9. Faded Love
  • 10. Past Lives

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