Rumtum Isles In Indigo

Release date:
April 1, 2022
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Colorado-based RUMTUM (aka John Hastings), an acclaimed visual artist and up-and-coming producer returns to Bastard Jazz with his first full-length offering: 'Isles In Indigo.' Arriving after a slew of successful singles (many of which can be found on the album) and EPs, 'Isles In Indigo' both stays true to his established sound, and expands on the artistic vision; a luscious combination of aquatic ambient, lo-fi hip-hop, and mellow, melodic electronic, the record traverses the depths of the ocean to the outer reaches of the cosmos. New offerings on the album include 'Lost My Heart In Space' - an ethereal, downtempo cut - 'Half Set Valley,' which explores instrumental lo-fi replete with distant, chopped and edited spoken word samples, 'Coastal Ruins' with nods to breakbeat, 'Mystic Symbols,' a trippy minimal track, and the album closer, 'Commit Way,' which journeys from washed-out ambient to spacey hip-hop. Of course the LP also includes many RUMTUM mainstay singles, including 'Shade Fader,' 'Tropic Air,' and 'Borealis.' Electronic producer and instrumental enthusiast RUMTUM has a unique approach to crafting his melodic melodies. May it be his love for native spirits, mystic symbols or even sea life, sampling the natural world plays the biggest part in the dynamics of his writing. Ambient loops and saturated synth lines set the tone while the bass and drums do most of the story telling. 'Isles In Indigo' is a stunning freshman release from a budding artist on the rise. Stay tuned for the physical LP arriving March 2022, complete with an original art insert. 1. Shade Fader 2. Lost My Heart In Space 3. Borealis 4. Escape Cape 5. Gold Splash 6. Half Set Valley 7. Coral Dawn 8. Tropic Air 9. Coastal Ruins 10. Mystic Symbols 11. Commit Way

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