Ruin Lust Dissimulant

Release date:
October 6, 2023
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Having dropped their third album Choir Of Babel in early 2020 just before the world shut down, the forces of pandemic did not succeed in silencing NYC's Ruin Lust for good. Though confined to their fallout bunker, the band, with martial fervor, began work on what has now, three years later, emerged as their fourth album Dissimulant.In the final phase of imperialist rot, Ruin Lust declares war against the festering delusions of a devolving species. The most withering aspects of modern death metal, grinding war metal and black metal's more bestial tendencies compel this audial exorcism, poisoning the well like a bioweapon spread through open air, suffocating and contemptuous. By the time album closer "Chemical Wind" is done, all that remains are parched bones and desiccated shadows.Barbarically pestilent yet compositionally deliberate, Dissimulant casts a bitter pall and leaves an open wound on the death metal scene for 2023. A militant milestone in the Ruin Lust discography.

  • 1. Eden
  • 2. Imperium
  • 3. Clinamen
  • 4. Thrall
  • 5. Dissimulant
  • 6. Purge
  • 7. Infinite Regress
  • 8. Chemical Wind

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