Roy Head Treat Her Right - The Backbeat Recordings

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October 20, 2023
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Treat Her Right is the first ever vinyl compilation of the best tracks Roy Head released on the Backbeat label in the 1960s. They are his finest recordings, including the hit that launched his career, Treat Her Right. With most tracks produced by The Crazy Cajun himself, Huey Meaux (who also scored hits with Doug Sahm, Freddie Fender and so many others), they are the best examples of early southern swampy pop. Come do The Bug with Roy Head. With liner notes by Bill Bently and cover by Jad Fair (of Half Japanese).

  • 1. Nobody But Me (Tells My Eagle When to Fly)
  • 2. One More Time
  • 3. Driving Wheel (Roosevelt Sykes)
  • 4. Treat Her Right (R. Head)
  • 5. Apple of My Eye (R. Head)
  • 6. A Good Man Is Hard to Find (E. Green)
  • 7. Pain (R. K. Head)
  • 8. You're (Almost) Tuff (G. Kurtz)
  • 9. Don't Cry No More (D. Malone)
  • 10. My Babe (Willie Dixon)
  • 11. Wigglin' and Gigglin' (Stevenson, Cordae)
  • 12. So Long My Love (T. Montalbono)
  • 13. I Pass the Day (G. Kurtz)
  • 14. Teenage Letter (Richard)
  • 15. Tush Hogg (Kurtz, Gibson, Koon)

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