Roger Eno The Skies, they shift like chords...

Release date:
November 17, 2023
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Roger Eno's second solo album for Deutsche Grammophon invites listeners to reflect on the nature of sound and silence. The Skies, They Shift Like Chords. contains a dozen tracks that express nostalgia for something lost while projecting a sense of something timeless, like the renewal of the seasons or the rise and fall of the breath.

  • 1. Chordal Drift
  • 2. Tidescape
  • 3. That Which Is Hidden
  • 4. Illusion
  • 5. Above and Below (Crepuscular)
  • 6. Through the Blue (ST. Swithin's)
  • 7. Mind the Gap
  • 8. Arms Open Wide
  • 9. Strangely, I Dreamt
  • 10. Japanese Rain Garden
  • 11. If Only for a Moment
  • 12. Where Does This Lead Us?

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