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Roge - Curyman



Release date: March 31, 2023
One of Rio de Janeiro's most exciting singer-songwriters of the lastfifteen years is now living in Los Angeles, where he stands on theverge of an overdue American breakthrough. Before the move, LatinGrammy nominee Rogê (pronounced haw-zheh) was the prince ofLapa, the bustling downtown center of Rio's nightlife. Charismatic andscruffy, with a distinctively raspy yet boyish voice, Rogê-born RogerJosé Cury-gained an avid following for his swinging samba-funk,tinged with Brazilian Soul. His acclaim rose when he cowrote thetheme song for the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.Lavishly produced by the Budos Band's Thomas Brenneck, a topsession guitarist and collaborator with the stars (Lady Gaga, Beyoncé& Jay-Z, Amy Winehouse), Curyman will launch Brenneck's new label,Diamond West.
  • 1. Pra Vida
  • 2. Nação Tupi
  • 3. Eu Gosta Dela
  • 4. Camará
  • 5. Retumbar Do Meu Tambor
  • 6. Mistério Da Raça
  • 7. Existe Uma Voz
  • 8. Se Eu for Falar de Amor
  • 9. Grito Do Natureza
  • 10. Yemanjá
  • 11. O Vento
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