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Rod Mckuen - Beatsville

Rod Mckuen


Release date: March 27, 2020
Color vinyl
Syle: Rock
Accidental hipster Rod McKuen waxes poetically on one of the most famous (infamous?) LPs of the Beat Generation! Loaded with hip phrasing and always ending with a punch, all lipped over bongo beats and other sparse but perfect jazz skins. This dish even has Buddy Collette blowing the flute. Beatsville's hip haiku trades for serious coin now and it's not just for the beard & leotard set, all want to hear Rod's tales of bearded ladies and friendly jack hammers. Ya dig? Mr. McKuen departed this mortal coil in 2015, taking with him the lingering question' was he serious? Was this album created as a blistering critique on the popular beatnik culture or did he think folks were buying what he was selling? We'll never know, but we know it's a damn fine record regardless of the beret you wear when you critique it. This is the first ever reissue of this cult classic and it's hitting the bins on red vinyl cut & pressed at Third Man Pressing in Detroit.
  • 1. Co-Existence Bagel Shop Blues
  • 2. Bearded Ladies
  • 3. Haiku Poems
  • 4. No Pictures Please
  • 5. Back to Sausalito
  • 6. Three Songs for 'S'
  • 7. Joue
  • 8. S.V.P.
  • 9. Reflections on a Plane Trip Home
  • 10. Life Is
  • 11. The Elegant Prison Downstairs
  • 12. The Bird Boy
  • 13. Grant Avenue Square Dance
  • 14. A Gallery of Assorted Beats
  • 15. Get the Hell out of My World
  • 16. Like
  • 17. What Is a Fabian?
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27 March 2020 / More records