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Richie Spice -Together We Stand

Richie Spice

Together We Stand

Release date: August 14, 2020
Label: Vp Records
Format: LP Album
After years of anticipation and steadfast meditation this musical message manifested from one who always embraces the calls of nature and the fullness of what the now is unfolding. "Together We Stand" musically presents to you, from the insight of our own living iconic legend Richie Spice, the love and togetherness of humanity, the protection of nature, the love and respect for women, and advocating for the youths through social welfare and the true teachings of Jah. Richie Spice has never ceased, over the years, to lift the banner for the freeing of the herb (Ganja) and even now that the herb is taking world center stage in medicine, recreation and wealth the singer is still holding the torch. Roots Rock Reggae has made world class appearances by the Greats like Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh, Culture, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley and many more. Richie Spice is always on the mission to keep this crucial music alive through the teachings and judgement of the most High and also the encouragement of self value, upliftment, and achievements for Africans at home and abroad and all other people of the world.
  • 1.Together We Stand
  • 2.Di Dub Dance
  • 3.Beautiful Life (feat. Kathryn Aria)
  • 4.Eyes To See The World
  • 5.Unity We Need (feat. Chronixx)
  • 6.Valley of Jehoshaphat (Red Hot)
  • 7.I Use The Herbs
  • 8.Dabbin'
  • 9.Mother Nature
  • 10.Murderer (feat. Dre Island)
  • 11.De Stress
  • 12.Put This In The Schools
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14 August 2020 / More records