Richard Kersten Inspired By The Beatles: Sippin' Lemonade In The Sunshine

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May 12, 2023
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-In 2005/06 German-Brit Richard Kersten and his associate Marcus Ghoreischian recorded a total of 11 original songs in their Frankfurt studios, and Bear Family Records® hereby commercially releases the tracks for the first time. -Inspired by the music from the Beatles' final days, Richard Kersten developed an album concept, wrote new songs, recorded them with state-of-the-art studio technology and selected musician colleagues. -The outcome: the sound of any song, the instrumentation, the harmonies are instantly reminiscent of the Beatles, of Harrison and Lennon, without impersonating their vocals. -The superbly mixed production, with all its Beatles-typical effects, actually sounds like it was recorded by the Beatles in the late '60s - and relegated to the archives. -The musicians may be little known so far - with 'Inspired by the Beatles - Sippin' Lemonade in the Sunshine' they have succeeded in creating a small masterpiece that will put a smile on the faces of fans of the Liverpool band! -High-quality 180-gram pressing, gatefold cover with all song lyrics, illustrations and biographical recollections by Richard Kersten himself, plus bonus CD. Richard Kersten was born in Newcastle, England, to a British mother and a German father. When Richard was eleven years old, his family moved to Frankfurt, Germany. He listened to American rock 'n' roll on AFN radio and then ... the Beatles. Their music changed his life and never let him go. Eventually Richard became a musician, played in various international projects and was a founding member of the Beatles Revival Band, popular mainly in Germany, which he left after a few years. Merely replaying songs of his idols did not fill him up. He wanted to take the next step, write his own songs and record them with great musicians and modern studio equipment. He invested in a recording studio with 24-track technology and wrote hundreds of songs.

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