Revival Season Golden Age Of Self Snitching

Release date:
February 23, 2024
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Foreseen by oracles and foretold by angels, the coming together of rapper Brandon "BEZ" (B Easy) Evans and beatmaker/producer Jonah Swilley was, by their own admission, a divine appointment. Both halves musically and spiritually forged in the twin flames of Georgia's Pentecostal churches and grassroots hip-hop scene, Revival Season tell straight-shooting tales of our golden age - chop, cops, badass bitches, self-snitches, drug-dealing and revolution - chronicling and critiquing the culture over baselines and beats that kick squarely in the teeth with a platform boot. Much in the spirit of Swilley's teenage bedroom beatmaking, their debut album, Golden Age Of Self Snitching, was pieced together largely self-sufficiently, written both remotely and in person, and recorded between a temporary studio space in a health centre and an ad-hoc setup in Swilley's dining room. A skeleton team of outside musicians contributed additional parts - with Jordan Manly (Mattiel) and Rupert Brown (Roy Ayres, Raf Rundell) on drums, Shaheed Goodie on guest MC vocals for the jagged, spiralling "Pump", and Raf Rundell (The 2 Bears), with whom Revival Season had previously made the Outernational mixtape ("equal parts Prince Paul and King Tubby") on hand as "vibe consultant", bringing additional production to a handful of tracks.

  • 1. Look Out Below
  • 2. Barry White
  • 3. The Path
  • 4. Message in a Bottle
  • 5. Last Dance
  • 6. Boomerang
  • 7. Golden Silverware
  • 8. Chop
  • 9. Propaganda
  • 10. Stars
  • 11. Pump
  • 12. Everybody
  • 13. Eyes Open
  • 14. Love to See It

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