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Reverse Death - Stretching To Infinity (Clear Green)

Reverse Death

Stretching To Infinity (Clear Green)

Release date: February 24, 2023
Exploring the cosmic countryside between American-primitive and impressionism, Reverse Death slows down time on their moss laden debut, Stretching to Infinity. The group brings together garden hymnal oddments, and nocturnal lofi textures, to create a moonlit world of echoes bubbling up through a mineral rich past. Reverse Death was birthed in Seattle, WA by the songwriters of Swamp Meat, Baywitch, & Killer Ghost. Utilizing cello tonics, gentle feedback, crawling piano ascents, and orbiting melodies, this amalgam of earthy ingredients plucked for the infinite night. Stretching to Infinity's dulcet palette was developed during a tour in Guadalajara while discovering new improvisational techniques and diving deep into the music of Tengger, Jessica Pratt, Emahoy Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou and John Fahey. Channeling the afterglow of these explorations, the album was recorded after sundown, with closed eyes, and aims set on stretching the body and mind through all the spiritual hangups of life. Days were spent pouring over the collection of raw recordings during an extended stay in the Snoqualmie woods. A field tested cycle of songs was selected and sequenced for the album. With the help of mix master Dylan White, and mastering wizard Mikey Young, the music was fully actualized into it's widest and most shimmering potential self.
  • 1. Water Orbit
  • 2. Floating Delight
  • 3. Teapot
  • 4. Sweet Flower Moon
  • 5. Infinite Syd
  • 6. Temporary Ground
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