Rendezvous Point Dream Chaser (Splattered White-Viola)

Release date:
June 21, 2024
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FOR FANS OF: Soen, Leprous, Tesseract, Devin TownsendWith their highly anticipated third full-length album "Dream Chaser"Norwegian Progressive Metal masters Rendezvous Point are following thefootsteps from their critically acclaimed sophomore album "Universal Chaos". The 5-piece around Leprous drummer Baard Kolstad, keyboardistNicolay Tangen Svennæs, singer Geirmund Hansen, guitarist Petter Hallaråker and bass player Gunn-Hilde Erstad continues to push boundaries withmore concise songwriting and a wider focus on groove, riffs, melodies and hooks. "Dream Chaser" delves deep into the realm of artistic exploration,focusing on the relentless pursuit of perfection. With themes ranging from societal disillusionment to personal growth, "Dream Chaser" is offering acompelling glimpse into the human experience. Rendezvous Point invites listeners to join them on their journey exploring the complexities of modernexistence and the depths of emotional turmoil.

  • 1. Don't Look Up
  • 2. Oslo Syndrome
  • 3. Utopia
  • 4. Fireflies
  • 5. Presence
  • 6. Wildflower
  • 7. The Tormented
  • 8. Still Water

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