Rejoicer While You Are There

Release date:
April 5, 2024
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"While You Are There," is a re-interpretation of classic tunes from the esteemed jazz catalog of ECM Records, along with originals inspired by those songs. Rejoicer delved deep into ECM's vast catalog, listening to hundreds of albums, and carefully selecting tracks to reinterpret. Collaborating with artists who are also friends from the label, he composed new music inspired by the sounds that have defined ECM's legacy.

  • 1. CS4 Aka Fireball
  • 2. Prism (For the Children)
  • 3. The Web's Fluids (Feat. Kerendun)
  • 4. Don't Mess with J (Feat. Jamal Dean)
  • 5. CS6 Aka Red Acid Friends (Feat. Nitai Hershkovits)
  • 6. While You're There (Feat. Oded Tzur)
  • 7. RHDS and Sunset
  • 8. Quintennaissance (Of Art and BS)
  • 9. Karma Thoughts (Feat. Sharada Shadhidhar)
  • 10. Forgotten Village (Feat. Shai Maestro)
  • 11. Quiesensce (Feat. Avishai Cohen)
  • 12. Dub-Bop FRVR
  • 13. Counter on Eli's
  • 14. Majiq Told Me
  • 15. Her Jan Jan
  • 16. Not Fur You (Fur N)

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