Rei Harakami Tennen Kokekko A Gentle Breeze in the Village Original Soundtrack

Release date:
February 16, 2024
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Japan's world-famous masterpiece by the late Rei Harakami will be revived!!The long-awaited soundtrack for 'Tennen Kokekko', a film adaptation of the manga originally written by Fusako Kuramochi, is one of the most popular original albums/planned albums by Rei Harakami, who passed away in July 2011 at the young age of 40. Will be made into a record!Rei Harakami provided the music used throughout the film, which won the Mainichi Film Competition Music Award. In addition, along with the recording, it includes a total of 20 songs mastered by Yoshinori Sunahara, who was also close friends with Rei Harakami. 'This 20-song, 30-minute album, left as a movie soundtrack, has a certain charm that invites repeated listening. It's similar to the music on Rei Harakami's original album, but it's much more... It feels like music that casually exists there. Even though it's supposed to be music that goes along with movies, it resonates as personal music. That's why I wanted to listen to it on record, and I wanted it to exist as a record. Yoshinori Sunahara We have achieved this with the wonderful remastering of '. ' (Masaaki Hara, producer of rings)Track list:1. title2. On the way home3. Veranda4. Gogo 15. Gogo 26. Sea 17. Sea 28. Tunnel9. Visitation10. Autumn11. Slope12. Shrine13. A day14. Travel15. Gogo 316. Button17. School18. School 219. #reprise20. #river (bonus track)

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