Reggae Disco Rockers With Friends

Release date:
December 8, 2023
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Reggae Disco Rockers releases new single featuring their friends! Side-A features Asa (Asa festoon), who covers Yazoo's famous song 'Only You'! The B-Side includes an original song called 'Love Light Shining' featuring label mate Sakko and DeeJay Maguroman, whom he has known for 30 years. Romantic lovers rock on both sides!Reggae Disco Rockers (RDR) will drop a new album featuring their friends. On Side-A, we collaborated with Asa (Asa festoon), who collaborated with her on 'Caramel View' included in her 2nd album 'Reggae Magic', for the first time in 20 years!A cover of Yazoo's representative beautiful song 'Only You' ('82) in the RDR style. The mellow and new wave original song has been made more organic, and has been made into a relaxed yet groovy lovers rock. B-Side has the well-known songstress Sakko from ONEGRAM, and they have been in contact for over 30 years, ever since collaborating on the compilation album 'Modern Connection' ('98) produced by former RDR leader Noriteru Takamiya. Contains the original song 'Love Light Shining' featuring DeeJay Maguroman for the first time in 25 years. This is also set on the RDR style of lovers rock, and the combination of the two resonates comfortably. The illustrations were originally drawn by artist Ippei Hirasawa. The final release of Flower Records in 2023 will be decorated with a full jacket!LISTEN: https://on. soundcloud. com/kW2V3Track list:Side-A: Only You feat. Asa (Asa festoon)Side-B: Love Light Shining feat. Sakko (ONEGRAM) & Maguroman

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