Red Mesa Partial Distortions

Release date:
April 19, 2024
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'Partial Distortions' shows a powerful return of the Albuquerque, NM desert/doom trio Red Mesa with their fourth full-length. This 6-track album features the same lineup from their 2020 release 'The Path to the Deathless' and the 2022 single 'Forest Cathedral'. Red Mesa has been leading the new generation of desert rock by proving that the genre is capable of greater expanses. The trio has expanded their sound musically on 'Partial Distortions' to include more doom and sludge metal moments. Blackened desert sound collages and an overall doomier and downright frightening musical path will confront the listener, as the album is darker musically and thematically. All whilst still dwelling within an optimism that instills hope that amongst the loss, the tragic endings, and the suffering that this existence brings, that life is still worth living.

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