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Record Setter - I Owe You Nothing (Colored "Butterfly")

Record Setter

I Owe You Nothing (Colored "Butterfly")

Release date: September 23, 2022
Explosive, unpredictable, and persistently candid throughout, I Owe You Nothing is a lesson in introspection and identity. The Denton, Texas-based Record Setter are unflinchingly inventive with every new release, creating intricate compositions which balance their fierce spirit and delicate emotions. Frenzied and impassioned vocals soar over thunderous guitars, ferocious percussion, and bone-shaking basslines, comprising fervent songs that oscillate between raw powerful screamo and affective post-rock melodies. Through introspective lyricism and turbulent sonic soundscapes, Record Setter chronicle the lifelong journey of coming to terms with yourself, your anxieties, and your mistakes, ultimately rewarded by a sense of empowered independence.

Present Tense
A Portrayal
An Impression
An Explanation
Rigor Mortis
Future Tense
Fail and Fall</p>
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