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Ras G -Raw Fruit Vol. 5-6

Ras G

Raw Fruit Vol. 5-6

Release date: July 10, 2020
Ras_G, the prolific Los Angeles beat scene producer, had just turned in the newest edition of his "Raw Fruit" series before his untimely and tragic passing in 2019. This album is the finished product delivered in exactly the fashion Ras intended it's release.  Raw Fruit 5&6 is packed with more classic Ras_G signature lo fi boom bap instrumentals.  "As far as words it's pretty difficult to put it into words About the project or my brother. So let's just say We Will Keep The BASS BUMPIN! Like He wanted Us to!"  - The Shorter Family, Ghetto Sci Fi Records  & The Afrikan Space Program
  • 1.De La Soul
  • 2.Cardigan Sweater
  • 3.Beanie Siegel
  • 4.Hump Day
  • 5.Dip
  • 6.Love Was...
  • 7.Snow (Spacebase RMX)
  • 8.Coldwave
  • 9.Greentea Wit The Green Tree
  • 10.Free From That...
  • 11.Right Time Vs Wrong Time
  • 12.Doberman In The Cadillac
  • 13.Whom
  • 14.The Lo Scarf
  • 15.One For KNX (My Naga)
  • 16.Highland Park Hipsters
  • 17.Dirty Cutlass
  • 18.There Are...
  • 19.Boss
  • 20.Black...
  • 21.JD's Revenge
  • 22.Glasshouse
  • 23.Sentimental Horror
  • 24.Tell Me…
  • 25.Rev's Conk
  • 26.Nah Im Straight.
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