Radux It's Going To Be A Great Day

Release date:
October 13, 2023
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From the ashes of various bands RADUX was formed in 2013. Soon the newly formed band rocked the clubs of Finland. The first two demos were, as it should be, released on cassette in 2016. The first big coup was then in 2018 the vinyl on Svart Records: the EP "Disaster Imminent", which was also released on CD (with the live recording "Crash Landings" as a bonus) by Golden Core in 2023 and got 8 out of 10 points in Rock Hard magazine, among others. This gave the band, whose line up has solidified in the meantime, enough time to work on the debut "It's Going To Be A Great Day". It was also produced by Arttu Hällila (Imperia among others). The comparison to the debut of Nuclear Assault can't be denied, but Radux have enough independence to make a name for themselves in the long run. There are only few breathers and the term "oldschool" is also in the first place. The cover artwork is reminiscent of the socially critical thrash albums of the late eighties. Who wants a portion of adrenaline in high speed, has found the right medicine in Radux. Oldschool thrash can't sound any more intense.

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