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R.y.f - Everything Burns


Everything Burns

Release date: October 15, 2021
Thematically, R.Y.F's Everything Burns is a radical confluence of rage and joy; sonically, it is a pressure-cooked combo of dance and punk. The fourth album from the solo project of Italy's Francesca Morello, Everything Burns refuses to be confined by genre or emotional extremes, and is instead the synchronistic coexistence of opposites. It is music you could dance or destroy a room to, a cathartic balance of suffering and jubilation-an electropunk disco steeped in queer, feminist subversion. "This album is for people who feel uncomfortable because of what they are-because other people tell them they are wrong," says Morello. Queer and nonbinary and speaking directly to an audience of the marginalized, Morello combines "fiction and reality" to imbue individual feeling into mythological battles, inviting listeners to see themselves in an ever-important and painful human struggle for survival and acceptance. "I want people to know you are never alone, even if you feel that way sometimes. Know you are part of a big family."
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