R. Stevie Moore Afterlife

Release date:
February 22, 2019
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R. Stevie Moore is a pioneer of home recording, a do-it-yourself musical aesthetic that took root and blossomed in the 1970s. RSM was an early adopter - since 1968 he's cranked out hundreds of album-length recordings as a growing cult discovered him over the decades. He's a pop craftsman who never feared cheap technology. In the 2000s his catalog exploded across the internet, and while he remains a cultural outlier, future generations will discover him as well. Every once in a while Stevie enters a pro recording studio and produces tracks with better fidelity. Afterlife is RSM's A-game collection. Some recent songs, some reimagined nuggets, all polished to pop perfection.

  • 1. Irony
  • 2. Pop Music
  • 3. Come My Way
  • 4. The Winner
  • 5. National Debate
  • 6. What Do I Do With The Rest Of My Life?
  • 7. Too Old (To Fall In Love)
  • 8. Take Back
  • 9. Love Is The Way To My Heart
  • 10. Another Day Slips Away
  • 11. You Don't Have To Worry About My Love
  • 12. Back In Time

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