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March 1, 2024
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Chasing the Dragon have become known as one of the leading producers of audiophile recordings. "A Day In The Life" was rehearsed, recorded and cut live, all in one day! Chasing the Dragon specialize in producing 'Direct Cut' recordings. This is where they pass the stereo signal from the Neve desk at Air Studios, up 2 floors to the record lathe in the mastering suite above. Once they begin to cut the lacquer there is no going back! They can not stop and edit, if there are any mistakes. This means, they have to choose musicians who can not only get through each side non stop, but also who can give a fantastic performance. For some years, Chasing the Dragon wanted to record a jazz group. Superb jazz trumpeter Quentin Collins only lived a short distance away from the Chasing the Dragon studios and is the first one! This Vinyl LP contains 6 tracks including "Angola", "Left Unsaid" and "Paxos/Antipaxos". 180g Audiophile Direct to Disc LP! A dynamic performance, pure analog delight!

  • 1. Angola
  • 2. Left Unsaid
  • 3. Paxos / Antipaxos
  • 4. Oliliqui Valley
  • 5. Modus Operandi
  • 6. Cashed-Up Bogan

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