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Q3 - Yesterday Is Over


Yesterday Is Over

Release date: March 13, 2020
Label: Grilchy Party
Triple threat artist QThree emerges from his rap hiatus to release his forthcoming Rap/instrumental Extended Play. "Yesterday is over" is a sonic representation of what he likes to call: "Neo Blaxploitation." It is mixture of soulful content in the post modernized chop style of production. As an engineer, QThree has managed to sonically harness vintage texturize for a refined presentation. "Yesterday is over" sets an example of consistency, quality, and growth. The selection of sample and lyrical content is appealing to various lifestyles and age groups, sonically bridging the gap through black expression.
  • 1. Always Forward
  • 2. Consistent
  • 3. Skully Seazon
  • 4. Therapy
  • 5. Fortune Teller
  • 6. Yesterday Is Over
  • 7. Ol' Head
  • 8. Plastic Crownz (Feat. Matt Ford)
  • 9. Always Forward (Instrumental)
  • 10. Consistent (Instrumental)
  • 11. Skully Seazon (Instrumental)
  • 12. Therapy (Instrumental)
  • 13. Fortune Teller (Instrumental)
  • 14. Yesterday Is Over (Instrumental)
  • 15. Plastic Crownz (Instrumental)
  • 16. Bonus Track - Potential
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13 March 2020 / More records