Products Band Some Sudden Weather

Release date:
October 20, 2023
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“Some Sudden Weather” finds Products Band sharpening their focus on presence of mind in a culture of noise. For each pummeling wave of distorted guitars, a tender, melodic vocal floats over its crest. With every winking, deadpan lyric comes a genuine admission of desire, shame, or hope. These songs faithfully represent the diversity of Products Band’s musical influences. From high-energy, airtight punk’n’roll to intricate, groove-driven pop, “Some Sudden Weather” refreshes rock vocabularies by sculpting them within the band’s unique perspective. Whether you crave dancefloor-ready bass hooks, spiderwebbed guitar skronk, or interwoven vocal duets, this is an essential listen for all fans of contemporary post-punk, guitar pop, and thoughtful Midwestern charm. FFO: Ought, Television, The Replacements, R.E.M. 1. Shell Text 2. Dead (But Not Like Me) 3. The Matter 4. I Can't Praise Your Head Trip 5. Proverbial Con 6. Canary Dream 7. Reclined Derealized 2022 8. Warped Page 9. Count to Ten 10. Lab Rack 11. On A Curve 12. Sun Turned Over

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