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Powerwolf - Metallum Nostrum


Metallum Nostrum

Release date: January 11, 2019
Even a Powerwolf isn't a Powerwolf by birth – it all depends on the special grub he was fed as a young pup! If you ever asked yourself which classic cuts and immortal metal and hard rock anthems showed Powerwolf the only true and righteous path, you'll get the answers in shape of Metallum Nostrum: Ten love letters to heavy metal, aka kickass cover versions! Eternal icons Judas Priest are featured with two Painkiller tracks (namely 'Touch of Evil' and 'Nightcrawler') that Powerwolf have poured all their passion into. Of course Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne and Iron Maiden are part of this classics collection too, as well as mighty Gary Moore and Savatage! Amon Amarth fans are definitely in for a surprise with the clean vocals on 'Gods of War Arise'! Teutonic metal has been immortalized in shape of Running Wild and the almost-forgotten Chroming Rose. Heart's blood and a metal mass in its purest form!
  • 1. Touch Of Evil (Bonus Track)
  • 2. Conquistadores (Bonus Track)
  • 3. Edge Of Thorns (Bonus Track)
  • 4. Power And Glory (Bonus Track)
  • 5. Out In The Fields (Bonus Track)
  • 6. Shot In The Dark (Bonus Track)
  • 7. Gods Of War Arise (Bonus Track)
  • 8. The Evil That Men Do (Bonus Track)
  • 9. Headless Cross (Bonus Track)
  • 10. Night Crawler (Bonus Track)
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11 January 2019 / More records