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Powersolo - Peek-A-Bo



Release date: February 16, 2020
Label: Crunchy Frog
Format: 7"
On Record Store Day 2018 Crunchy Frog is happy to announce the release of PowerSolo's new 7-inch EP ""PEEK-A-BO"". It is released in a limited RSD run of 500 copies, and accompanies the new LP ""BO-PEEP"" which is released the week prior, (Friday the 13th). The songs for the 7-inch are recorded in the same sessions as the LP, and works perfectly as an en-suite release. These are 4 songs that show 2 sides of the PowerSolo sound. The opener and closer are hard hitting rock-a-billy bangers sandwiching the more exotic, loungey spoken word tunes A2 and B1. PowerSolo is the alias of Mr. Kim Kix, who until 2017 shared both record grooves and the live stage with his brother The Atomic Child. But this year Kim is once again effectively a one-man-band - although PowerSolo tours as a three piece. All the songs er written and played by Kix (The Atomic Child joins him on drums on A2 and B1 though), who also produced the LP and EP. In fact PowerSolo started out as a one-man band back before the first recordings were made in another millenium. The minimalist approach to rock'n'roll is one perfectly utilized in Kim Kix's catchy, hooky and powerful songs. They hit you like loving blows dealt by a man and a band that are out to please no-one, but end up making love to your ears anyway. PowerSolo is it.
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16 February 2020 / More records