Power Castle Power Castle

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October 6, 2023
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In 2000, traditional heavy metal, from doom to speed metal, had not yet recovered from the nineties. A decade in which the old values of this music style were no longer highly regarded and grunge, crossover and then gothic metal took over for a few years. In the U.S., the situation may have been even tougher, which was felt by a couple of high school kids from Olympia, Washington. In the detailed liner notes to the album "Power Castle" you learn that they indeed started out as a kind of high school band, even though the individual young musicians were already exceptionally talented. Relatively quickly the first line-up changes took place and the band, now named Power Castle, began to be taken extremely seriously. A restored demo from that time can be found on the CD version as a bonus. Here you can hear the hunger and the pure conviction at every second, even if they were not perfect yet. They played gigs and even started to produce an elaborate show - all without a record deal - and became a popular local act. Nevertheless, the band fell apart at times, and they only resurfaced briefly in 2005 and 2012 at first. In 2017, they decided to record the early tracks, which are now available on CD and LP for the first time via Golden Core and make up the actual debut album. Since this product was only available digitally on Bandcamp and on a handful of burned CDRs, we cannot speak of a typical re-release either. The material of the now experienced musicians is the perfect mix of US metal and the sound of Iron Maiden.

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