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July 14, 2023
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I Am Satan-receiving a five-year anniversary reissue!-began with Christians and Freemasons Will Kill Me, a three-track EP uploaded online months after Busch Hymns. It's a return to Posture's solo DNA and a convergence of it's main influences: bleeding-heart statements, full-strength chords, and a vocal tone that sharpens and rises as syllables stretch to their limits. The 2016 revamp of those bedroom demos were written in collaboration with Brian McFarland (For Everest) and Josh Cyr (TWIABP). The added personnel didn't slow Posture's knack for jittery efficiency. After live demoing the full album in two days, it was recorded by Chris Teti in five.

  • 1. I Am Not a Real Doctor
  • 2. Elliott
  • 3. Mandy
  • 4. Raspberry Heart
  • 5. Shooting Sparks
  • 6. The Undertow
  • 7. Balloons As Hands
  • 8. Acid Bomb
  • 9. Delete Me
  • 10. Star Children
  • 11. Kill Me
  • 12. I Am Not a Real Doctor

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