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Postcards - Good Soldier


Good Soldier

Release date: February 14, 2020
Label: T3 Records
On their 2020 album, the congenial, imaginative Lebanese three-piece have grown noticeably and achieve a rare feat: to welcome you with open arms upon the first encounter and lead you deeper into the multi-layered depths of their work with every new visit. The magical first impression lasts throughout this string of gloriously mellow autumn-coloured pop gems, but the true music connoisseur with a taste for genre-crossing experiences will find bliss on each and every intense dive into their world, with every trip underneath the surface bringing to light new treasures. Almost completely removed from the musical roots of their home country, Julia Sabra, Pascal Semerdjian and Marwahn Tohme explore the vast stylistic territories of the European and American continents, while their English lyrics talk about their everyday life in the Lebanese capital Beirut. The vocals delivering them are amazingly smooth, with crystal clear and mysteriously breathy moments. But aside from the haunting energy of the charming lead vocalist's angelic voice, the instrumental parts are impressively creative, expressive and varied with a magnetic pull, giving two-minute gems and epics lasting five minutes or more their breathtakingly colourful diversity which will surprise you even after several spins. At first, you will hear uncompromisingly distorted edginess, dry The Cure-twang, eclectic guitars, playful drums and silky, heart-warming, multi-layered vocal clouds wafting through the room. But soon you come across additional layers of beautifully placed sound effects and exciting key work that combine to a rich and emotive sound that transcends genre limits - an irresistible invitation to immerse yourself in the elements.
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14 February 2020 / More records