Polyfunktional New Walls

Release date:
November 17, 2023
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New Walls is a new meta-musical journey by Polyfunktional, he produced, recorded and mixed the whole album during his recent move to Naples. Although a transfer is a demanding experience, especially for a musician, he got his stuff together and attempted to set up a new temporary studio from scratch, trying to take advantage of those new routes, new landscapes and new vibes felt living in a new city, even behind "new walls" the attitude is the same, music brings us all home... This time, as usual, Polyfunktional refined his blending of Funk, Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop in 8 songs, from some gangsta-funk beats for the poplockers, to several romantic neo-soul ballads or uptempo grooves, all embellished by his renowned talkbox and vocoder vocal inserts. New Walls is a tribute to the music, the funk, love, people and everything that changes to remain the same, everywhere in the world, All Funkateers United! Vinyl Songs: A Side - WUT BOUT (Vinyl Version) Polyfunktional returns with his second single off "New Walls" album, this time the sound is more bouncy, the influences are from early Roger Troutman or Prince to more contemporary bands like Tuxedo, with fat claps, moog synth bass lines, funky guitars and the never disappointing Talkbox for some vocal inserts. Wut Bout is the mood that you have every time you're in a new relationship, like: ok I'm ready to be the best lover that I can, but "What about you?" B Side - SMOOTH LIKE HONEY 1st single off "New Walls" album, soundwise the title "Smooth Like Honey" is self-explanatory, the mellowness of guitars and jazzy chords of the Rhodes piano accompanies the un-quantized rhythm of the drums, while the opalescent artist-producer Polyfunktional tells you the story of his relationship with music, singing his melodies first with the vocoder, then with the talkbox, paying homage to some of his early influences from Delagation to Roger Troutman, in a whole new mixture of a Modern Funk mid-tempo ballad.

  • 1. Wut Bout (Extended Mix)
  • 2. Smooth Like Honey

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