Polvo Exploded Drawing (Opaque Aqua)

Release date:
October 6, 2023
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Originally released in April 1996, Exploded Drawing was generally received as Polvo's White Album, the moment when the band finally kicked off it's shoes, cracked the studio windows, and unleashed a long suite of songs showcasing the band's true range. This double LP gives it all up: paranoid blues rants, Delhi-via-the-Ozarks hoedowns, spaghetti western lopers, carnivalesque boogie, a blazing, frustrated finale, and as always, that guitar sound. It's just a little off, twisted, tweaked, coming at us from some pangaeic realm we still haven't located so many years later, and probably never will.

  • 1. Enemy Insects
  • 2. The Fighting Kites
  • 3. Rock Post Rock
  • 4. The Golden Ladder
  • 5. Downtown Dedication
  • 6. Pulchritude
  • 7. Twenty White Tents
  • 8. Everything in Flames!
  • 9. D.D. - S.R
  • 10. El Rocío
  • 11. Lantern

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