Point North Prepare For Despair (Green)

Release date:
October 20, 2023
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Desperate times call for cathartic songs. Point North meets this need head-on with a heavy, yet hypnotic hybrid of chantable choruses, visceral screams, pummeling riffs, and airy soundscapes topped off with cinematic electronics. The Los Angeles trio incite the kind of singalongs that make you feel better right away and the band tightly hone this approach on their 2023 third full-length offering, Prepare For Despair. "We've always been an ever-changing band," Jon observes. "Every release holds it's own spot in our discography. Lately, I've produced a lot of heavy records. We grew up on Killswitch Engage and Underoath, and we've toured with a lot of heavy bands and have seen what works for us live. So, we wanted that energy."

  • 1. Like a Weapon
  • 2. Psycho
  • 3. Prepare for Despair
  • 4. Safe and Sound (Feat. the Ghost Inside)
  • 5. Below the Belt
  • 6. Your Wish Is My Command
  • 7. Social Suicide
  • 8. Up on a Hill
  • 9. Recover
  • 10. Someone You Don't Know
  • 11. Dark Days (Feat. Jeris Johnson)

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