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Plague Years - Circle Of Darkness

Plague Years

Circle Of Darkness

Release date: September 18, 2020
Like an icepick to the face, PLAGUE YEARS arrives with an electric surge of sudden pain. An unrelenting end of the world assault of the cataclysmic convergence of thrash and hardcore, with bits of blackened death and mid-tempo madness to spare, the Detroit master blasters are here to crash the crossover party. Summoning the primitive spirit of the singular moment when the heaviest of metal first smashed into a circle pit, PLAGUE YEARS reignite the flame with sharp fury
  • 1. Play The Victim
  • 2. Witness Hell
  • 3. Paradox of Death
  • 4. Eternal Fire
  • 5. Circle of Darkness
  • 6. Evil One
  • 7. Incantation
  • 8. NRFTL
  • 9. World In Blood
  • 10. Urge To Kill
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18 September 2020 / More records