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Pierce Turner - Terrible Good

Pierce Turner

Terrible Good

Release date: August 12, 2022
Pierce Turner- whose life, work, songs, and stories span the Atlantic from Wexford, Ireland to Manhattan’s East Village- has made his most rocking album to date. Terrible Good, featuring producer and guitarist Gerry Leonard (David Bowie), bassist Tony Shanahan (Patti Smith) and drummer Yuval Lion (David Byrne), is an edgy guitar album that forges an extraordinary alloy of 70’s downtown New York punk and Irish alternative rock. The songs offer reflections on love, friendship, immigration, mortality and the need for resilience against hard times. There are nine originals and a cover of Tom Rapp’s (Pearls Before Swine) “Rocket Man.” Somehow pounding and soaring at the same time, the songs soulfully testify to the awful and awesome everyday, the human predicament – It’s Terrible Good. 1. Where It Should Be 2. Set a Few Things Up 3. Love Never Fails 4. Love of Angels 5. Stephen 6. Rocket Man 7. Don’t Get Too Fallen 8. Australia 9. More 10. Tommy and Timmy
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12 August 2022 / More records