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 Phonometrician -Mnemosyne



Release date: November 01, 2019
Format: LP Album
Vinyl LP pressing. Mnemosyne is the debut album from Mexico City based multi-instrumentalist, film composer and sound preservationist Carlos Morales, who creates under the name The Phonometrician. Mnemosyne is an album that asks what memories would sound like if they were captured through sound. At it's core, Mnemosyne is album built around finger-picked acoustic guitar, somewhat classical or folk styled in nature, yet it's much more than that. Morales deploys a very specific palette of instrumentation to realize his musical vision, it's as if the classical guitar is slowly being worn away and devoured by an onslaught of looping, ever-shifting analog sound creatures, scattering for cover when the light hits them directly, continuously eating away at the strings. Much like rifling through the pages of an aged and tattered diary, warm shuffles of vinyl and airy waves tape saturation emerge only to retreat once more into the darker recesses, leaving the psyche grasping wildly to recall the meaning of their existence.
  • 1.We're Burning
  • 2.Golden River
  • 3.You Only Change Names
  • 4.Here Comes the Storm
  • 5.They Toll for Thee
  • 6.Chloe
  • 7.The Curse (When Memories Fade)
  • 8.The Run
  • 9.Lights Off
  • 10.If I Died Tonight
  • 11.Poppy Meadows
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01 November 2019 / More records