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Phish - Junta


Junta (3xLP)

Release date: June 05, 2020
Label: Jemp Records
Junta (pronounced Joon¬-tah – the “oo’s” sound like “book”) is Phish’s first official studio album now slated for re-release on audiophile vinyl on Record Store Day, April 21, 2012. Junta was recorded at Euphoria Sound Studios in Revere Massachusetts in 1987 and 1988 on 16-track 2” tape and was mixed to 1/4” stereo reels. In addition to writing and performing all the music, the band produced the album themselves - gathering around Enginner Gordon Hookailo’s console to do group fades since the studio lacked mix automation. It was a ground-breaking effort in terms of musical ambition and every song on the album is still performed by the band live. Junta was originally self-released on cassette tape in May 1989 with packaging created by the band. The album was re-mastered and re-released as a double CD (and cassette) in October 1992 on Elektra with art by Jim Pollock. The release was certified Gold but, until now, has never been heard on vinyl. The vinyl release was created from the original stereo master reels with lacquers cut by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering.
  • 1. Fee
  • 2. You Enjoy Myself
  • 3. Esther
  • 4. Golgi Apparatus
  • 5. Foam
  • 6. Dinner And A Movie
  • 7. Divided Sky
  • 8. David Bowie
  • 9. Fluffhead
  • 10. Fluff's Travels
  • 11. Contact
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